Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Website Wednesday: The Ribbon Jar

My friend, Karyn, is always finding these great sites and knowing that I do Website Wednesdays, she always sends some great sites for the post. So here is yet another Karyn Find: Besides the really cool graphics - see the jar drawings on the header, they have really cool products.

As the name implies, they sell ribbon, and sometimes it comes in jars.

They sell ribbons of all types: many vintage but all really fun (and they say high-quality - many of which are from France and Japan). The other thing that is neat is how they package the ribbons and this is where the jars come in. If you buy 15 yards you can upgrade your order to make a custom jar. But every month, they come out with these special collection jars. Every month has a theme and from what I can tell, 2008 is going to be all nature-themed. January is a snow inspired jar. The January Jar just went on sale on Monday and they're already almost out (I think they only make 50) so go here to check it out.

Sites like these just make me want to go play with ribbon!

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