Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Plan

Ok, so I'm an organizer, but I couldn't get myself organized enough to figure out a structure for this blog. Motivated by my friend, Becky, here is what you will find from now on (hopefully...):

Makeover Mondays
Ideas on how to transform a space - make it new, make it pretty, make it functional.

Tabletop Tuesdays
Centerpiece ideas for coffee tables, kitchen tables, and dining tables - casual, elegant, simple.

Weed out Wednesdays
De-cluttering strategies for all those catch-all spaces.

Theme Time Thursdays
Thematic ideas for anything - parties, rooms, gifts...

Festive Fridays
Party ideas for anything from "Hey, it's a Monday Party" to "Thanksgiving Dinner with the Fam" - invitations, menu, decorations, games, and more.

Spruce Up Saturdays
Simple, inexpensive ways to take what you have and make it better.

There will be no promises made about posting every day. However, when something is posted, it will follow that day's "theme."

As always, if you want specific ideas on something, let me know and I'll do some research...


Emma Claire said...

Yeah Joy!! I'm ready for some good ideas. Or maybe I could just pay you to do all of the work....

Becky L said...

I like Caroline's idea -- just pay someone else to do all the work -- oh to be able to do that...if only I were rich and famous. Doubt that will ever happen since I'm in academia...oh well. Glad you posted!

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