Thursday, July 27, 2006

Theme Time Thursday - Veggies

Your mom always said "Eat your vegetables."

Well...I think you can decorate with them, too (which for some vegetables - *cough*brussel sprouts*cough* turnip*cough* is more enjoyable).

I chose this theme because I received my very first submission for P.O.D (sorry...this blog name is too long to say all the time).

Karyn mailed a great idea to me because she thought they were cute - she was right - and to share with all of you on here. This is really what it's all about: finding stuff and sharing it, all (4) of us together (I have no idea who reads this, but a big shout-out to the 3 I know about =o)...) are some ideas of how to decorate with your veggies:

Artichoke Votive Holders
Submitted by Karyn

I've never done this, so I'm going to guess what I would do

* Cut the top off the artichoke.

* Hollow out a hole.

* Place your votive inside (finding a green votive candle close to the color of the artichoke would be perfect).

Vegetable Candles
Better Homes & Gardens


* Put a rubber band around candle.

* Insert asparagus stems or green beans behind rubber band.

* Cover up rubber band with a ribbon.

Personal note: I like the asparagus votive holders above more than these in this picture (more realistic looking)

Pumpkin Vases
As seen at Homecoming 2005

You've seen this before, but it matches the theme...=o)

* Cut the top off the pumpkin (if you have several pumpkins, cut out a paper template for the hole).

* Use a spoon or an ice cream scoop to get all the meat of the pumpkin out (save the seeds and roast them).

* Take a potted plant (we used mums) and take it out of the pot (save your pot for later).

* Place plant in pumpkin.

* Tie ribbon around pumpkin (wired ribbon is easier to make bows that aren't floppy).

* Mist your plant every other day or water just a bit. Don't water too much or your pumpkin will rot out the bottom from retaining too much water.

* Take the mum out and put it back in the original pot you saved once the pumpkin goes bad (about a week).

Vegetable Candles
Better Homes & Gardens


* Same as above, but once pumpkin is hollowed out, place a vase filled with florist's foam inside the pumpkin.

  • * Place branches and stems into the florist's foam.


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