Friday, March 23, 2007

Festive Friday - The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

In an earlier post (once upon a time) I proposed daily theme for posts. Today is Festive Friday when entries will cover party-related ideas (anything from invitations to decorations to food).

Here is an invitation that Mark and I made with Caroline and Jay, the birthday girl's mommy and daddy. We're pretty proud of the caterpillars and are looking forward to putting the rest of the party together along the same theme.


Back (partial view)

Steps for creating your very own caterpillar:

Caterpillar Body

  • Find a caterpillar image and print it out on white cardstock (Mark recreated the caterpillar in Illustrator and it is COOL). You will also need to print the backside of your invitation.
  • Line the two sheets of paper back to back and cut along the caterpillar.
  • Spread glue (we used Elmer's) on the inside of the caterpillar's back (Do not completely glue down the caterpillar front yet).


  • Cut brown pipe cleaners into small pieces.
  • Bend pipe cleaners into legs and feet and glue to inside of caterpillar's back, using the front as a placement guide.


  • Cut ears out of purple felt and glue to inside of caterpillar's back.

Final Stages

  • Press down front of caterpillar to secure the two pieces together.
  • Place between heavy books just for a few minutes to help caterpillars dry flat.
  • Remove caterpillars and place on a flat surface to finish drying (do not wait too long or caterpillars will stick to books).

This was a fun project, if nothing else for the memory of 4 adults sitting around a table playing with scissors, pipe cleaners, felt, and glue.

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